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Error codes 1989 Coupe Deville

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1989 Coupe Deville error codes,

Hello! If anyone can help out I would appreciate it very much.

My girlfriend borrowed my Cadillac to go out of town for the weekend. After a couple of hours driving along the freeway the service engine light came on. Right when the light came on, the speedometer did not work. It stayed at 0 mph while she was still driving. The car was still running fine, so she pulled over and did a diagnostic check through the temp. control panel and got diagnostic code numbers E24,(vehicle speed sensor circuit fault), E32, (MAP sensor circuit fault, and E47, (BCM to ECM data fault).
The car did not show any of these problems before. If anyone has any suggestions, like possible fuses blown, relays or anything else that she might be able to fix before she returns, it would help out very much.

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Someone delete this. It is not necessary to make a duplicate thread.
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