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Error Code B1340 & B1344 Air Mix Door

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I have both these error codes for Air Mix Doors. Can anyone help me to locate these? I would like to add that I already took off the underside of the dashboard driver side and center cover by the gas pedal. I can hear a grinding gearing sound, I am assuming that is coming from one of these Air Mix Doors. That sound is coming from up and behind the parking brake. Not sure how to get to it. FYI, I changed one of these doors out several years ago near the radio in the center of the dash board. Could that have gone bad already?


Dave D.
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Looking way back at his old posts, he drives a 1998 Seville Touring Sedan and has already been requested to update his profile - 3 months ago.

DavidDor, very difficult to diagnose something if we don't know whether it's some Cadillac or a Greyhound bus. Please update your profile. Make your login name banner look like most others ........... and bookmark this link to the DTCs for our series of Cadillacs. You'll need it over and over.
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