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First, i would like to tell everyone that i am sorry that we are no longer at Moore. Dado and myself still remain in the V life. As most of you know we have been drifting this V for the summer. Well, Moore felt that this was not the direction they wanted to go and performance was not in there near future. A change in Service directors lead to this. On the other hand Dado and I are still working on Vs and all lines of cars. We are also still working on full sponsorship for next year.
2nd Joshua. i am sorry for not calling you back today. Any help i can give you and your company please let me know. I have not forgotten how you have tried to help us out. I am sure you will do well on the site.

3rd. We are working on a V right now and hope to have it finished today. If we do get it done and tuned, dado and I will stop by and say hi. If not we have 2 cust who want us to trailer there cars up there. So as soon as they call we will leave on Saturday. In case anyone is game we have a extra set of rims and tires to use if anyone wants to donate a car for a lap or 2.

Thanks to everyone who has called and email today. never thought i would ever get a responce we did. To anyone who needs work done or just have some questions about there car please look at

email links in there. ok so lets go to the track and have some fun

Ok, so who from here would like to caravan up to Etown. Dado and I have a 2 car trailer to tow 2 cars. I looks like we may bring the S/c car if all goes well. but if anyone just want to cruise up there with us please post up here, or call me direct at 301-943-2882. Also i have recieved 2 pms about Dado driving there car on the track. We do have a extra rims and tires for this so we can do this if people would like. We can also video tape and post if like, and take pics. Well if anyone else is willing or wants to try it please let us know. Also i like to give props to HighHorsepower for putting this event on. remember when you need parts for you car to give them a call. thanks guys for all your help

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