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I have a 4100 engine with 105K in my '88 Allante which weighs about 3,200 lbs.

The car doesn't get out of town much and the A/C is on all the time (I live in Tucson!) and the average mileage comes up on the computer as 16.5. It moves up to 19 when I take the car on the road.

Granted, the 4100 may not have enough oomph for you, but I do think you can get better mileage out of it. As it appears that gasoline prices are going to settle in at $1.50 - $1.75/ gallon, you may want to re-think the swap idea and consider ways to increase the mileage of your present engine. Any swap to a more powerful engine will most likely mean LESS mileage so you'll have that expense AND the expense of the swap.

Brian Bray
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