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I have a 92 brougham with the 5.0 engine and 700r4 tyranny. Can I swap out the 5.0 with a 5.7 and keep the tyranny or must both be swapped?
Important to realize that the "5.0 engine" was an Oldsmobile 307 and can be interchanged pretty easily with any OLDSMOBILE small block like the 403 or 5.7L 350. In 1992 there was a 5.7 as an option for the Brougham BUT it was not the Oldsmobile 5.7L. So assuming you want the optional engine you would need all brackets, AC hoses, motor mounts etc (and there is likely a long list covered by etc). If you instead opt for the Olds small block out of something like a late 70's TransAm 6.6L 403 you can use most items from your 5.0L engine. Also be aware the TransAms generally had the 403 Olds if they were automatic but had a similar displacement Pontiac engine if they were manual transmission.

Very dangerous to just speak in displacement without added identifiers.

Edit: On the TH700R4 I've heard that the Cadillac version may have had the universal bell housing. If that's true it will work with both Chevy and Olds bolt patterns. Since you currently have the 5.0L Olds 307 very likely no issue in keeping the original trans as it is likely the universal housing. That's assuming you go through with changing everything else over.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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