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Well, let's start off with some background info of me. I'm 15 years old, and my dad has a buddy that wants to change his Eldo's egine. My dad's buddy, Mike, is pretty much computer illiterate so he asked me to help him out. Here's what he would like to know:

Right now he has a 4.1 liter engine in his '85 Eldo, and it has front wheel drive. What he wants to do is totally eliminate the current 4.1 liter and put in a different engine. He wants to either put in a 350, a 4.5, or a 4.9. His first question is would any of those engines be able to be put into his Eldo. If any of them can be what are going to be the technical problems, i.e. would he need a new computer head? Also, he asked me to ask if he would need to put in any extra components. And if any of you would have an idea of what the costs would be. He told me that he wanted to spend well under 10,000$ if possible.

That seems like a large amount of things to ask people, so I thank you in advance for any help that I get.
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