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2004 CTS-V
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Any help appreciated.

2004 CTS-V approx 130,000 miles
I went to start it one day and there was a slight bang as it turned over. Noticeable enough to think "what was that". As soon as it started, I heard this very audible clanking noise. Seemed to be coming from the passenger side, but very difficult to trace. The noise is consistent with engine RPMs (increased RPMs = faster clanking), and doesn't seem to be related to the manual trans. Although there is a slight change in the note of the clanking when the clutch is pressed down. We removed the PS valve cover and everything seemed OK (separate video if needed). No sludge, oil flowing, and rockers were only a little loose. Should they be tight or have a tiny bit of play? Engine still runs strong and smooth!

Has anyone experienced something like this before? I'm worried, obviously, that the motor is done and it's a big dollar fix. Maybe spun bearing, stretched timing chain, etc - I don't know and i'm pretty stuck. No one seems to be willing to diagnose either. HELP NEEDED!

I'll attach a video as soon as i figure out how.


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Upload video to Youtube or Vimeo or whatever, post the link here.

Do you have a mechanic's stethoscope to try to trace the noise? (It may not help - I had a sound I was trying to track down a year or so ago, and even with the stethoscope I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Ended up being a chip in one of the cam lobes.)

What do you mean by "rockers were a little loose. Should they be tight or have a tiny bit of play?"? Which way is the play? Based on what I've seen, it's normal to be able to wiggle the tip of the rocker side-to-side a little bit. But any up-down play (moving the rocker away from the tip of the pushrod or tip of the valve) would be bad, I think.

Have you drained the oil? Any pretty sparkles in that? Maybe get a sample for analysis by Blackstone Labs or another oil analysis place?
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