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Engine block identification

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I have a 97 deville, is there a stamping on the engine block to ID the date of manufacturing if so where is it located? Thank you.
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Vin is stamped pass side rear block. Major pain to see but can be done.
Yep - the pad on the block just above the oil pan seal line. The Engine ID sticker on the cam cover is not worth much in the way of info. You nheed a VIN character definition diagram for your model year.

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Thanks for the info, my 97 deville had a new engine put in it back in 2003 by a GM dealer. The reason was because of cracked block I think. This was my dads car at the time and I was not involved in the situation. Fast forward to 2014. I am now the owner of the car and trying to learn about the Northstar engine. Unaware of common head gasket failer. Just curious as to what engine replacement was done. New 2003 Northstar engine or just a 97 replacement motor. By looking at the stamping on the motor might reveal what motor is presently in the car. I like the car but is scaring me from things I have read. Thank you.
Not a 2003 model engine as they are different enough not to swap.
Please read the several sticky threads in the Engines; Northstar forum. They address engine interchange, head gasket problems, and many other questions you may have.

A 1997 engine ??? You need to rebuild a 1997 engine - base Deville ??? - then it's a VIN Y engine. 98/99 are different; 2000 and later are VERY different.
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