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Emissions Test REJECTED!

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My 99 Deville is throwing the P0741 code. I cleared the code and took it to be tested and I was rejected because the OBD was not ready. How far do I have to drive it or let it idle before the OBD is ready? They told me to drive it for a couple of weeks or take it to a service repair facility to have it checked out. Any soggestions?
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Maybe someone else here can correct me if I am worng, but I am of the impression (at least here in Missouri) that the only codes that will fail emmisions testing on OBDII are ones that cause the "service enigne soon" and or "service vehicle soon" to light up. Not all codes will cause a MIL to light up, as many codes are not powertrain or emissions related. Thus, the car may pass emissions if this is true, and the code you have doesn't set an MIL to an "ON" state.

Anyone else here know for sure? MY car is OBDI (thankfully) so none of this applies, and I passed emmissions through the mobile "sniffer" van that the state sets up here on highway on ramps, so I never had to go and get it tested.

I know that this program varies from state to state, so the ground rules may not be the same where you're at. Of course, the one thing that is true everywhere is that clearing the codes just prior to testing will tip off the testing station during the OBDII test and will automatically fail the car. There has to be a certain amount of history data stored for the test to proceed.

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