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electronic eye/automatic dimming lights on 54, 55, and 62's

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I just picked up a 54 4 door, a 55 4 door, and a 62 fleetwood 4 door hardtop, all 3 have the automatic dimming headlights, was this a rare option for the time, or was it standard? I know that it was optional on 58 chevies, but pretty rare, I'm new to working with older cadillacs, but starting to love them already. any info would be much appreciated
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Because of the age of the cars and the nature of the post I'm going to copy this to the Electrical Technical Information.
Try this for starters.

If your search skills are good then you will be able to either find or ask in the right place for answer which you seek. Good luck. Neat cars!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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