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Electrical - Turn Signal Indicators-Fender Mounted- 1990 Cadillac DeVille

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I am trying to learn how to repair or replace the fender mounted turn signal indicators located on top of each fender of my 1990 cadillac Deville.My problem is that although they are working they are not visible during the day and barely visible at night. I am unsure how to access them in order to make them work properly, do they contain bulbs or are they fiber optics ? I have tried removing them but could not locate any screws, bolts, or fasteners securing them and I did not want to pry on them and unknowingly break them or scratch the fenders. I have purchased a Haynes repair manual but it contains no info about these indicator lights. I would greatly appreciate any info and Thank You in advance for responding to this request for help. (Tompro) I have recently purchased this car and although it is older it seems to be in good shape inside and out. It has a few problems which I will post for help in time, but it is such a nice comfortable car to ride in and operate that I sure I will try to keep it in top running condition. : :thumbsup:
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Should Be Fibre Optics. The Optic Cable Reflects Light From The Source. Also I've Seen The Lens On The Fender Covered With Wax Or Dirt. Try Cleaning First. If No Better, Ck The Parking Light Housing For The Optic Line Being Secure , Also Ck The Optic Lines Behind Each Headlite. Sometimes They're Mis Routed Or The Tip Of The Line Is Dirty, It Wont Reflect The Light Up Thru The Line To The Fender Lens. Actually A Very Simple System, As Long As The Line Is Pointed At The Light And Clean On The Tip And Not Kinked It Is Trouble Free. Hope This Helps, Bill.
Fender Indicator Lights

Thank You for the quick response to my request. Could you further explain how I will gain access to the fiber optic that is located behind the each headlight Must I remove the actual headlights or can I see and clean this without any disassembly ? Thank You again for your time and info. [email protected](Tompro)
The Optic Line Is In The Center Of The Electrical Plug For The Headlights. You Have To Gain Access To The Plug. Pull The Line Out, Clean The Very End. Shine A Flash Light On The End And The Fender Indicators Should Be Bright. If I Remember, The Turn Signal Line Plugs Into The Lamp Assembly. Did You Clean The Fender Lens? Hope This Helps, Bill.
To Carnut: I received your message and will try to locate the fiber optic in the headlight wiring harness. I will also try cleaning the lens that are mounted on the fender indicators, the only portion that seems to illuminate is the center of the three small lens and this is very dim even at night. I will try to do this tomorrow and will respond with my progress.Thank You again (Tompro)
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