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electrical problems??!

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I just recently got a 99 catera, and i failed to test some things before i got it, really nothing major, but kind of bug me. there are 3 things that i need to get fixed. one the high beam on the passenger side does not work, i replaced the housing and the bulbs. took a multi-tester to the socket, and there is no juice. i checked the fuse, but after putting things all together, if i read the manual correctly, theres three fuses for the passenger side high beam??? havent checked those yet. the second problem is the passenger side front heated seat. the light on the button lights up, but the seat doesnt get warm. all other seats work fine. I dont know which wire on the bottom of the seat is the one for the heating element to check for continuity/voltage. my third and last problem is my fog lamps. when i turn them on, they dont light up, and i get a buzzing noise from one of the relays in my fuse box. i replaced the buzzing relay, and the new relay buzzes too. any ideas on ANY of these topics will help greatly thank you for your time!!!
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For your headlamp problem recheck ALL the fuses. You can trace those wires until you are blue in the face, but with all the relays wired into those headlamp systems it might take you a while to deduce the right place to go.
looks like those headlamp systems use a half dozen fuses. Grab your test light and just start going down the rows.
The LH high beam works okay?

Next try buckling the right hand seat belt.
I don't know of any GM car that lets the seat heater actually function unless the belt is buckled. They don't want that seat heating without a butt in it because it could damage itself. They figure if the car is running there should be someone in the driver's seat.

As far as the fog lamps, could be another fuse problem or your K134 relay could be bad. I haven't had enough experience on these cars to tell you more than that really.
It would take some circuit probing with the schematics, but it's not impossible you could have a fuse problem that is affecting this as well.
Some of these relays ground through other relays that are powered by other fuses. It's an electrical nightmare.

Good luck.
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