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Electrical Problem

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I got a bad electrical problem with the lac, if it sits over night the battery dies, so I started takin the battery out every night, it used to give me problems starting up unless I had the battery cables just right, it wouldnt even turn over - the lights came on then got dim when I turned the key and the positive battery post would get HOT and smelling like sulfur, then I replaced the battery terminals and it ran good for a couple weeks, now its back to doin the same thing again and no matter how I turn the battery cables it WONT start up, its just gets real hot and stankin:confused: , now my baby is posted up with no way to move... has anybody been through this kind of dilemma? I need some help bad, its bad when I cant drive it to someone who can figure out why it wont drive:mad:
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Maybe loose connection at starter or more likely the battery cables are shot or the positive is grounded against something.
Be careful, that battery has the potential to explode under the conditions you're describing. Be sure to wear some safety goggles until you get it straightened out. Had one explode in my face once, it was not a pretty sight.
and people laugh and joke when I put on my goggles.... still dont stop me, bein blind is not a goal in my lifetime of achievements:thumbsup:

also the positive cable has another thin cable that runs parallel with it and was separated on the side, but the new battery terminal I got doesnt have a separate place to connect this so I put them together, it didnt seem to be a problem for a couple weeks when it was running so Im not sure if its affecting anything
ok had my brother in law and his friend come over and add a ground wire to the negative cable --- this did not resolve the issue, and the positive doesnt seem to be grounded against anything, im not a wiz with cars - they are pretty good but couldnt come up with any reason it would be doing this, what would be yalls next plan of action? I just wish I had more knowledge on these type of things
I think wut im gonna try next is to replace the old wires connected to the alternator, only thing is... I dont know what to call these wires so I can find and purchase them off the internet
I suggest replacing both the positive and negative battery cables. Replacements of the correct gauge and length can be had at local auto parts stores. Replacement terminal ends are just a temporary repair. Once the corrosion starts on the terminal end of the cable, it will migrate throughout the entire cable even though it is protected by a plastic covering. When this happens, it causes high resistance to the flow of the electrical current, and the car won't get enough amperage to start. Just think of voltage as volume of water and amperage as the pressure of the water. Just don't ever mix the positive with the negative or the "hot water" with the "cold water". If you still are having problems with the starter turning slowly, then the busing in the drive end and commutator end are worn and will need to be replace. Worn brushes are also a common problem in older vehicles.
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