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Electrical Issues

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I have a 1992 Cadillac STS. Love this car but it is giving me a headache :ill: lately. The lights for starters. When I turn on the left blinker it flashes fast. I changed all the bulbs with no positive result. When I turn on the left blinker they blink fast also but the hazard light also blinks. Walking around the car with the flashers on and or turn signals on all lights are working properly (yet flashing fast)... Replaced the blinker switch (prpbably a better name for this gadget) no positive result. NOW when I turn on the radio (factory) it lets out this horrible screaming sound.:eek: Does not go down with the volume. Any help appreciated. As I stated earlier I really do love this car and it is in excellent condition..
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need a little more info. u said u replaced the blinker switch. was that in the steering column switch? or where exactly was this switch located. thanks.
This car is famous for corroded light sockets, not just failed bulbs. Ck again with the emer. flasher on. Ones that are dimmer or blink too fast are the sockets to check for rust. The radio noise if it is a BOSE system are failing amps. My 91 Allante has an amp in each speaker enclosure. 4 total. Had to replace 2 amps in mine to stop the noise.
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