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Electrical Gremlin?

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Any help is appreciated.

Lately, when I start my STS on a humid/cold/damp morning, I get an ugly electrical groaning sound that eminates from within the left side of my dashboard. It sounds like an electrical motor that is jammed/straining and best I can tell seems to be directly behind the air vent above my headlight controls. It has happened about four or five times now in the past six weeks. The groaning noise tapers off and goes away, but with each reoccurence it seems to last a little bit longer. It lasted about two minutes this morning on my way to the office. There is no electrical smells or smoke, just the noise. Has anyone had this happen to them or have any idea what this could be? Thanks -
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Cold weather usually does that... that small intake port (1/2 inch square) above the headlight controls has a small fan to draw air in and analyze the interior climate. Feel free to rip apart the dash trying to fix that one. I thought about doing it when I lived in upstate NY, but instead I decided to avoid the instigator altogether (small electric fans hate cold weather) and move south.
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