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Electric seats on 1984 Eldorado

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I'm having some problems with the electric seats on my 1984 Eldorado. The drivers side goes forward and back but no tilt in any direction. The passenger side back recline works but nothing else. Obviously I can live without tilt, but I need to go forwards and back. The system is a one motor design with several gearboxes driving cables. On the drivers side it sounds like a solenoid engages when you go forward or back. The passenger sides motor works but there is no solenoid sound so nothing happens. I've taken the passenger seat out and taken some pics. Looks as though the drive for forward and back is the one furthest to the rear of the seat. The two others looks like they drive the tilts and back recline. All the cables looks to be secure and in good condition. Question 1. Is there a solenoid or some kind of clutch which needs to be fixed? Question 2. If there is a clutch/solenoid how can I test to see if it is the problem. Usually with a solenoid and good smack with a hammer will get it moving. No so sure with a clutch. Observation 1. There is no power to the seat when its out so it's all mechanical at this point. I'm thinking about making a wiring harness to be able to work on it with power. If I do that, what am I looking for? If the motor turns where is the problem? Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, B9igbird_55


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Well I tried the hammer method on the solenoids and it worked. At least on the passenger side. Tried the same thing on the drivers side and it did not help.
I'm going to take the drivers side completely out and try that way. I made a wiring harness to allow me to work on the seat upside down with everything accessible. Kind od "*******" but it works. If I can't free the solenoids with a hammer is there a way to take them apart and repair them? I know when you take things like that apart, springs start popping out and it's a challenge to get it back together. Any suggestions? thanks. Bigbird_55
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