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Hello everyone, I am looking for some information on electric Caddy seats that are currently installed in a 1956 Chevy that belongs to a customer. He's brought the car in to have some rusted panels replaced and several other items he needs completed as he restores the car.Anyway, he has leather electric seats he tells me have come out of a four door caddy, year and actual model they are out of is unknown.
I was hoping someone could shed a little light on what I'm dealing with and maybe send me an electrical schematic/wiring diagram on their operation. I'm sure I can take them out and figure out all the wiring, however, I was hoping to save a little time by locating a schematic/diagram.
The plug off of the drivers side seat, is as follows:
Black plastic female plug w/six connections. The plug has letters from "A" to "F" on it which relate to the following color wires
A - Blue (Darker blur)
B - Blue (lighter Blue)
C - Brown
D - White
E - Green
F - Orange w/black stripe (this is also the heaviest Gage wire on the plug)
The wires which correspond to letters A Through E, are all the same Gage, approx. 16 Gage The wire size of the orange/black wire in position "F" looks to be about a 12 Gage wire. (I'm guessing this is the + 12 volt power wire)

Any information or a wiring diagram would be greatly appreciated!

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OK, I figured it out. Went ahead and got into it and drew a schematic up myself.

I don't know if anyone else will ever need this information, but I'll at least post the pin out letter/wire color = what function so it's here.

A - Blue (dark) = Rev. Motor direction

B - Blue (light) = Horizontal fwd/back seat travel

C - Brown = Raise/Lower seat function

D - White = Fwd. Motor direction

E - Green = Seat Tilt function

F - Orange/Black stripe = Battery + connection. Switched on w/ignition

The entire seat chassis is of course grounded.

To get any movement, you must put + 12 vdc to requested function and also + 12vdc to the motor direction required. In other words, if I want the seat to travel forward, to-wards the steering wheel, I must put +12 volts to the "B" pin and the "D" pin in order to get the seat to move.
If I want it to go back, away from the steering wheel, I have to put + 12vdc to the "B" pin and "A" pin and so on.
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