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1979 5.7 diesel Eldorado Biarritz
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Hi all
I'm new to this car and just need some of your kind advise and help to get this car right
I purchased this car recently 1979Cadillac eldorado Biarritz DIESEL 5.7
I have some issue with the car the car starts fine envy when it's cold first start its runs fine on idle but after 5mins when I try to drive the car engine sound like misfiring and will die and I need to wait few mins to start the car again otherwise the car won't start but the engine runs fine on ideal doesn't turn off even if u leave it for 15mins on idle
I have recently change the diesel manual pump but didn't solve this issue and the other thing I just noticed it has some diesel leaks around the injection pump on top of the engine the car has only done 18,000 miles on the clock
Any idea what can it be and any suggestions please
I told some pictures from the injection Pump
Thanks in advance

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