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Eibach Lowering Kit

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For those of you that have this kit, do you still have the part number of the kit that you bought? I'm looking at the 3887.530 and believe this is what I want. It should be the kit that contains both torsion keys and springs. 2/3 drop. My biggest concern is does this kit have provisions for the rear self leveling shocks? I've been hearing two different answers on this. Even Eibach gives me two different answers. Thanks in advance for any help.

To sum it up, I'm thinking this kit will give me a 2/3 drop and provide provisions for my rear shocks so I do not have to buy the non air ride shocks.
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I have installed Eibach kits on 02 - 06 and they had rear height links. You won't have to replace rear shocks no matter what. I wouldn't change the torsion bar keys as this will drop the front too much. If you want the truck near level as opposed to the rake of the stock setup, leave the front alone. You can just replace the rear springs and adjust the torsion bars. Make sure you align the front-end after the height is set.
thanks for the information.
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