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Black the Darkside
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For those with concerns over Differential failures may want to get involved in this R&D program by forum members and CMS. They need your help as this is a very expensive project. Pete needs your donation intent by December 30th. This possibly benifits the entire CTS/ CTS-V membership. Give in the Christmas Spirit!:xsmile:

Cadillac MotorSport, Limited

Matching Contribution Fund for the LasstSS (Marty Mogavero) Holden
CTSV Rear Carrier Unit

As most all of you know; I have personally committed to matching the financial funds that are required by Marty's tireless efforts to bring home a bullet proof rear carrier differential unit for our Cadillac CTSV Automobiles.

I have requested as the Managing Partner of our company that each CTSV Forum Member who "steps forward" and makes a contribution to do the following:

Email me personally at my "personal residence" to inform me of your donation

My personal email address to advise me of your contribution to this effort is:

[email protected]

While I have no idea what it will take financially to complete this project; I remain steadfast in my own personal committment to assisting Marty's efforts and he must have these financial funds in his hands before December 30, 2005

I in turn must have your personal email notifying me of your contribution by that date in order for me to Paypal to Marty Mogavero the "Matching Funds" as time does not permit me to review the forum and search for those members who have and are contributing to this project.


Hey Pete,

Thanks for your "push" on the forum. I have a $100 check waiting to be sent
to Marty. I've done business with him before and lost it. Merry Christmas
and a Happy 2006!

Jimmy D. Farris
Din Aero, Inc.


Hi Pietro,
I contributed $95 to the cause.
Frank Chavez
FirstNet Mortgage
Mortgage Planner

Hi Peter,

Just wanted to let you know that I sent Marty $50.00 towards the R&D on the Aussie rear end. Thanks for pushing this on the forum. I would really like to see us get a solution to this by spring so I can start doing engine mods and not have to worry about how I am going to get home from the track.

Thanks again,

************************************************** **********************

Im in for 50...for your record keeping.

Dave in Cleveland
aka Florian


Please tell me by email that there are more of you out there?

Time is truly of the essence concerning this project and I would like to see this rear carrier shipped by "air freight" rather than a boat.

I am very humbly and sincerely asking all of the CTSV Forum members to please not let Marty "pay for the groceries" and then expect to be fed for free!

Please step forward and contribute "whatever you can" so that I may match these funds.

Merry Christmas to all and a warm thank you to every member who steps forward in assisting Marty's efforts as your assistance will not go unrecognized by our company should you ever decide to make a personal purchase for your vehicle.

warmest regards:

Pietro J. Raimondi, Jr
Cadillac MotorSports, Ltd

Black the Darkside
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I see this as very important work. It appears GM plans to offer any remedies. So I'd like to donate $50 for the cause. Notify me how to foward the donation.

Robert CTS
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