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Eddie Guerrero died

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Its on and many news sites
:rant2: :banghead: :crying2: :crying2: :crying:
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Eddie Guerrero was a very famous wrestler, he was half mexican half american, last year he became wwe heavyweight champion, he was found dead in his hotel room, he fought against drugs and alcohol, but he was clean for the last 4 years, nobody knows yet how he died..... Rest in Peace
eddie moved into our neiborhood at the same time my parents did , we went in to OK the blueprints one day and there he was ...they made a big deal about him , dad looked at him and said "arent you a little short to be wrestling?" he chucked , real nice guy , always wanted us to go over to his place for the partys and such only went once .....

neat guy ...he left shortly after that DUI he got about 4 miles from the house ...

we all cant hardly belive he died imagine an overdose .....
Dammit "Latino Heat" is gone. :banghead: Well Eddie you will be missed by your fans, family, and friends, R.I.P. Eddie.
That sucks. It's a tragic loss, he seemed in such good shape...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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