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02 DTS NightVision "Sled"; Waiting For The Coup
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They must have seriously improved since the times I was there.

I bought my sled from them... they had to do some touch up paint on the rear bumper and trunk... it looked like they did it with spray paint. Seriously, I could have done better in my parking lot with a stiff wind blowing. I took it back and actually told me it was fine and I was being picky. I can put my finger nail in the groves of the paint. They put some filler on the trunk lid that showed through. When I picked my car up from the body shop, my car had a fast food bag in it and 30 miles put on the odometer.

I canceled my appointments for everything else I was going to have done there.

Also, I traded in my 02 Escalade for my car, I saw it go out to a customer as a certified vehicle early the next morning after I dropped mine off at close the night before. I guess they are just quick like that.?.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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