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EBC rotors and Greenstuff Pads??

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Hey everyone I have a 1996 Sevile SLS I have been looking to replace my rotors and might as well my pads also i have been doin some research adn was wondering if any of you have any comments on EBc rotors and their Greenstuff pads. I had no probelm finding front rotros but i also want to replace the back and might as well be the same company and found these. If you have any feedback it would be greatly aprreciated, thanks in advance

Here is the link for them if anyone is interested.

PS do you think Powerstop rotors would be better??
here is the link for the powerstop rotors
thanks again
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I'd go with this setup. Or Power stop rotors. I just replaced mine and I used Powerstop. I love them. I was reading up on the pads though. I think it might be a better Idea to go with the red pads since these are such heavy cars. I burned through my old green stuff pads pretty quick. They're really soft. Other than that, they're excellent brakes. :)
Thanks for the input, but did you use power stop or power slot b/c i think both companies exist did you get both front and rear w/ w/e company you chose, either power stop or power slot???? These EBC rotors and the Power stop rotors were the only ones that i could find that were both for the front and rear
Mine were power-Slot. Sorry I put power stop earlier. I bought them off

I only bought the fronts because, as you could see, my old ebay ones were done. I still have the old ones on the rear. They are fine. I also have EBC Green Stuff pads in the rear.
thanks alot for the feedback. i heard the greenstuff pad is good but creates ALOT of dust is this true??
I have them on my STS and my Deville. I don't think there's any more dust than regular brake pads.
anyone else agree w/ caddy daddy that i should use the red-stuff brake pads instead of the green-stuff, i also heard many good things about the raybestos quiet stop pads. ah so many choices, my head is starting to hurt!!!! :banghead:
Polski Polak said:
anyone else agree w/ caddy daddy that i should use the red-stuff brake pads instead of the green-stuff, i also heard many good things about the raybestos quiet stop pads. ah so many choices, my head is starting to hurt!!!! :banghead:
Greenstuff pads not only look ugly (painted the backs of mine black) but make tons of dust. Go with Delco CERAMICS and you will be very happy + almost zero dust!
I had EBC greenstuff with Brembo's on my Eclipse GSX. I personally didn't car for them. Lot of dust. I've heard good things about Porterfield* but I don't know of they make pads for Caddys.
I may have been one of the few that had a bad experience with EBC stuff. I had the rotors and Green Stuff pads on both the front and rear of my car. It only took about 15k miles to warped the rotors (and I do mean Warp, NOT transfer of pad material). It got so bad that when I would go to slow down on the highway to get off at an exit, the second I put my foot on the brake pedal, the steering wheel would begin to shake back and forth. Every time I drove the car in any sort of traffic and got the brake a little hot, it would sound like a subway pulling into a stop in NYC (those of you who have ridden them know the sound I speak of). I finally broke down and put the OEM Declo brakes and pads on the car. So far with about 10k+ miles on them, I haven't had a single problem at all, and I beat them pretty hard at time. Harder than I did the EBC's.

I think the problem for me was the fact that some of the black coating that comes on th rotors got stuck on the pads and never fully came off. This produced hots spots in the pads and subsequently destroyed my rotors from excessive heat. It even got so bad, that after an very abrupt stop while trying to avoid someone on the road while going down a hill, the car actually set a code. This code read, "Thermal Brake Model Exceeded". This is thrown when the car determines that the brakes have exceeded 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Thats pretty damn hot, especially after just one stop.

I would go with the Powerslot brake if your not going with OEM stuff. Raybestos make some realy nice pads as well. I've heard form a few peopel in the industry that Raybestos actually manufactures the brake products sold under the AC Delco name. I'm not sure if that's true or not, but it might be the reason why the OEM stuff always seems to last the longest.
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Thanks alot, for everyone's feedback
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