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I decided to make a thread about EBC brake pads and rotors and my personal experience with them. Some specs on my car-
2005 Cadillac CTS-V
LY6 6.0 swap (6.1 after machine work, 370cui)
Full forged, cammed, CNC 243's, Wilson 92mm manifold, Kooks headers and Corsa exhaust (and other stuff)

Now since the car is kinda speedy, I might as well stop fast, too. I used to work at Summit Racing in Arlington, TX and decided to get brakes because of my generous employee discount. I could have gone with Powerstop but decided to try EBC after endorsements by Motor Trend's "Roadkill Show." So I got the 3GD dimpled and slotted rotors with a set of Yellowstuff pads. I also flushed and replaced the obviously factory fluid and replaced it with Wilwood "Hi-Temp" DOT 3 fluid.

The Yellowstuff Bed-In:

It was pretty easy to do, they have clear instructions on their website. I'm not too sure about the "Brake-In" coating and how it affects the bed-in process (they claim it speeds up the process) but after a day or two of driving around the DFW metroplex the pads were pretty responsive and gave good feedback at the pedal.

The Yellowstuff Performance:

Since I have a radar detector and have a slight tendency to go 10-20 over, the pads saw good use nearly every drive. I also go to Mexico quite often. They stopped REALLY good with little to no fade until worn, which I will get to in a bit. After they wore, they would fade as expected. Bite from cold was good, and it got better when warmed up. They also make plenty of noise, and squeal at low speeds.

The Yellowstuff Wear:

They wore down in 6500 miles. I drove the SH*T outta them, but was surprised when I took a look at them and had 2-3mm after such a short time. I contacted EBC and they sent me Bluestuff NDX free of charge. Great customer service as well. It was a super easy warranty process.

The Yellowstuff Dust:

If you don't mind cleaning your wheels every week, it's fine. Started on Monday with silver and ended on Sunday with black wheels, when I would go to the car wash and get an exterior detail.

I will update the thread as I put more miles on the Bluestuff pads. I had the rotors machined and put the new pads on less than a week ago. They're not bedding in as quick, but were supposedly "pre-bedded." They did feel pretty good after 3-4 stops, but haven't left a smooth and consistent wear pattern on the rotors yet. More to come as I go!

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