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Sometimes I open the bay of my wonderfully low-tech 525 and stare at all the open space. If I was a midget I could probably climb inside with a wrench and a hardhat.

Contrast with the 300ZX:

Of course, the 300ZX produces a lot more power with two turbos. The Maxima is pretty easy too. The VG30E, even mounted transversely, is ridiculously easy to get into. The oil filter is right on top and nothing is in the way of the plugs. Its a wide car so getting to accessories isnt as difficult as other FWD cars.

The worst, I've heard, is the Chrysler Sebring convertible (96-00), where dealers quote $500-$800 for plug replacement by the book. [You can of course do it in two hours by yourself.] Also the Porsche 944, which requires transmission removal for a few things, and the Q45 just for being too damn crowded (but logically arranged).

1 - 2 of 55 Posts
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