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E85 tune on 2007

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hi. i plan to upgrade my 2007 escalade to run with e85. first i use hptuner to modify internal program in the e38 ecm. activate flexfuel , copy values in all the flexfuel tables and spark tables , swap 30lbh injector to 54lbh flow rate. everything from the stock tune of a 2009 escalade. the only one question make me hesitate is that in the 2009 we have the FCPM module which is manage the fuel pressure and in the 2007 we don't have this module.
so does anyone know if fcpm is mandatory to fully activate the flexfuel mode ?
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Hi all. I finished to install everything in my 2007 Escalade. Enabled flexfuel in all parameters tables spark etc and diag. I upgraded fuel injector table with the new 2009 injectors. Start engine with no issues. Run great. But I don't see see alcohol % in vcm scanner nor fuel composition frequency. Do you have ideas ?
Hi all. Found the issue. It's too simple. I need to repoll new parameters from hptuners scanner to see ethanol % and fuel composition . But FYI 2009 stock injectors are not plugandplay on 2007 on fuel rail as they are too short. I got injectors spacer but now they are too long ? so I installed spacer to the fuel rail. Now it works fine but I plan to find the good spacer.
Next step is to change fuel pump. And FCPM is not the fuel composition sensor but the fuel controller pump module. It doesn't exist on a 2007 but on 2009 it manages the fuel pressure when DOD is active. DOD is not implemented in 2007 so fuel pump is managed directly by the ecm. So I can't use a 2009 fuel pump. Another difference between these two fuel pump is the 2009 has 2 fuel lines connected and the 2007 has 3 fuel lines connected.
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Yes you right. I need to add more fuel but in the E38 you have a stoich AFR table used to change the base value determined by the amount of alcohol in the fuel system as reported by the flex fuel sensor. You only need to activate flex fuel on E38 and of course every table concerned by flex fuel (Spark, Flex fuel, etc) and because i swapped my injector from a 2009 Escalade, i changed also the data flow rate in the fuel section. Anyway, here are parts i used for this installation:

2 Quick connect Fuel Rail Line Adapter Fitting -6AN to 3/8 Hose
1 Acdelco 13577429 GM Original Equipment Flex Fuel sensor
Flex Fuel sensor Connector Pigtail
Fuel injector Spacer Extender for short injector. But too long. 1/2 inch too long. Need new spacer.
Pin for E38 Connector MX64 F TERM 18-20AWG to be wired to #40 pin on J1 connector on E38 ECM
Kent Moore J-41769 Fuel Line Disconnect Set Kit Tools 3/8" and 5/16"
You add extra lenght of hose to install the flex fuel sensor because we don't have enough room between the fuel rail and the firewall (
And the main parts : Injectors : 12609749 Product Line: ACDelco Replacement Fuel Injectors . parts for a 2009 escalade

I will check Ethanol next week end because i had a wrong paper to wire the #pin on the ECM. I wired it to the #5 and it is the #40 on this ECM so i need to correct it before using it.

Ok. After a while and some adjustments, i wanted to find the best setup to work perfectly. First, i downloaded a 2009 stock tune to compare with mine. i kept flex fuel parameters, VVE setup, spark tables and injector data flow to match with my new 2009 injectors. Everything was stored in my 2007 ecm. only one change between 2009 and mine is a flex fuel sensor in place of a virtual sensor. after drove a while LTFT were to low and i needed to adjust many time cells in VVE table. Too bad i never reached a positive result even when adjusting MAF calibration Low and High. So i decided to keep only injectors data flow, spark tables, flex fuel tables. now my scanner, after little adjustment on the 2 MAF calibration table, is perfect. LTFT average show 2% injector duty cycle was 9% max. So installation is finished. I checked with 10% Ethanol with the Air Fuel Ratio commanded to 14.02. Ethanol content in scanner is ok. I filled my tank with 50% Ethanol and the AFR commanded was 11.8. LTFTs were 4% in place of 2%. to answer to your question Nice Ride : I decided to convert to Flexfuel because in France actually one litter of Ethanol is 0.66€ compared to 1, 60€ for one litter of SP95E10. I traveled 800kms this week and 2 hours with scanner in log mode and everything is good. The next step and next question is do i need to change de fuel pump ?
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