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E85 tune on 2007

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hi. i plan to upgrade my 2007 escalade to run with e85. first i use hptuner to modify internal program in the e38 ecm. activate flexfuel , copy values in all the flexfuel tables and spark tables , swap 30lbh injector to 54lbh flow rate. everything from the stock tune of a 2009 escalade. the only one question make me hesitate is that in the 2009 we have the FCPM module which is manage the fuel pressure and in the 2007 we don't have this module.
so does anyone know if fcpm is mandatory to fully activate the flexfuel mode ?
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FCPM? Is this the Fuel Composition Sensor? You do need to add the sensor, but it does not control flow at all, just monitors alcohol content in the fuel.

Of course swap to E85 injectors. (I would have to look up the PN, but just use the stock 2009 ones, they drop right in the rails)

Any of the modern FI fuel lines can handle E formulated fuels. I do not see that as a concern. Same for fuel pumps.

Now IDK if the PN for 2007 vs 2009 fuel pumps would be different...? I agree that this would be essential to change for the greater flow IF needed.

Whenever possible we fill with E85. Not the same mileage, but the additional octane makes it drive effortlessly. E85 is cheaper, but I never ran the math for how much the 1 MPG costs for breakeven... Who cares, its a gas hog either way.
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