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E046 Code - Where to start?

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My car has been displaying an E046 code for a couple days now. Where should I start looking for problems with it? I know there's a few things it could be (plugs, injector, etc).. but is there one thing in particular that's usually associated with this code?

I think I might just take it back to the dealer where I bought it and get them to look at it.
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Here's the frustrating thing: This is the second time where the light's come on (same code), but it goes away after a couple hours. :confused:
I am not sure what to tell you, but it is not plugs.
Alright, thanks for clearing that part up.

I can't figure it out; the car will turn the light on like that, but then it shuts off, and the car runs absolutely perfect.
Just a guess - Maybe when your engine is cold you have a slight exhaust or intake manifold leak and when the engine gets hot, and everything expands, it seals itself up.
My '92 Seville just had this issue. It usually set the code and stayed on though. It could be as severe as injectors, but most likely an 02 sensor as mine was. If you're familiar with onboard diag on your vehicle look at both 02 sensor voltage fluctuations and cross counts. You'll figure out which bank is rich or lean, or if it is just a lazy sensor.
I'll have to give the car a good once over when I've got time. I still can't figure out the lumpy idle, but it's not affecting the driveability of the car. Ah well, I've accepted it as one of the quirks that the car has.

Thanks, everybody. I'll let you guys know what it turns out to be.
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