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1962 coupe (selling), 1995 Seville SLS, 1966 Sedan DeVille
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Since I have to junk my ancient Delco/Bose head unit for an aftermarket one (I already have the adapter harness that goes from the dash to the trunk-mounted amp control unit, using the new head unit's low level RCA jacks) is there a E&C Bus bypass (i.e. resistor or jumper) needed for the stock C1 connector to put a load on it, or is it OK to leave open when the Bose unit's gone? If a resistor is needed, what value is it?

My workaround is to measure across the used pins to ground once I remove the old unit, and make a trip to Radio Shack to match whatever my DMM reads. Just wondering if anyone on this forum ran into this.
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