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I posted this in LS1 Tech too.

I had my 2004 V dynoed yesterday at AGP Speed and Custom in Newmarket. I have to give credit where credit is due. The owner of the shop drove my car into his speed shop and gave me his 2014 1LE Camaro for the day (750 rwhp procharged) with literally no worries! I was more then grateful as I had some things to do that day and he would trust me with his rocket.

Not only did Nick dyno the car, he also cleaned up the wiring and changed the plugs, wires, and o2 sensors that I provided him.

Nick spent a few hours on my car with several dyno pulls. I wasnt looking for a max hp/tq cause I plan to road race the car. I told him I wanted a healthy, safe tune. He thought prior to that the car would make high 400's and I thought mid 400's. I provided him with 3 jack shaft pulleys that were 2.8, 2.7 and 2.6. The stock pulley with the maggie kit is 2.8 and yielded boost around 4.8 pounds. On my car every .1 seemed to yield around 1.4 pounds of boost.

The results were 475 rwhp/461 rwtq with 7.66 pounds of boost. I wanted 7.50 so this was very close. It runs harder then a stock LS2 C6 and a tad feels a tad quicker then a stock V2 that I drove due to it being 400 lbs lighter I assume.

All in all I was very pleased with Nick. He was a class act and kept me involved during the day via text messages and phone calls.

The car still has the stock manifolds on it. He recommended headers if I wanted to make an extra 30 rwhp as LS engines love headers and my Maggie is ristricted with the manifolds.

And no there isn't snow on the ground still. :)

Mods are:

-Stock LS6 with Maggie
-Magnaflow cat back
-2.6 JS pulley making 7.66 pounds
-18% drive loss

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