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Dyno'd my 2005 CTS-V

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Hi all. It was 10am and it was 98 degrees out here in Chandler Arizona. The car pulled consistant on all three pulls within 1-2 hp. I dont know what a good number for a mostly stock V is but here are my numbers...

353 RWHP

345 RWTQ

Mods: Tune, Magnaflow catback, and K&n replacement filter.

Are these numbers okay for a pretty much stock V?
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are they corrected? sae? std? preload etc etc??? need more specifics
Yes, SAE corrected. Sorry.
good. just gotta hope those are the true numbers not "manufactured" those results..
Well, I just ran my V last weekend. It was 103 degrees durning my runs, and my best run was a [email protected] 109.9 mph with a 2.1 60ft. Track elevation here in Arizona is 1243ft. Does that match my dyno'd hp??
Dynojet or Mustang?
I'd say you got a good one.. I would recomend going just one step further and install a pair of the Random Technology High Flow replacement cats.. That should take it up a notch. :thumbsup:
Dynojet or Mustang?
Dyno jet. It feels strong, and I've beat a few bolt on LS2 GTOs with my V. :want:
Dyno jet. It feels strong, and I've beat a few bolt on LS2 GTOs with my V. :want:
What do you mean bolt on?
Bolt on means a car that has performance parts such as, long tube headers, catback exhaust, cold air intake, tune, etc.
I'd say those are pretty good numbers.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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