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the factory units are not compatible with playing movie based dvd's but you can insall a alpine single din or under the seat model and it will play through the factory nav tv I put the single dvd where my stock six disc cd player was and it works vechile - 2004 escalade ext black with 22" diablo spinners,4 tv's stock in dash, 2-8" headrest moniters and one 15" in the bed installed in amp rack to show off my install.4 1000/1 jl audio amps, 1 300/4 jl audio amp, 2 bat caps,and 4 13w7 jl audio subs installed through the bed just removed the retaining lower back fold down wall vechile hits 161.4, and alpine single din dvd player in the factory 6 disc location ,mids and highs consists of 2 pair of jl audio 6.25 cxi split system .mids and highs will be upgraded soon to mb quarts jl just not doing it.also my alpine dvd plays when I drive for those others in the car.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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