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AKPsiMC03 said:
i want a good cat back! i hate having a quiet V8... anyone wanna point me in a direction thats not the $1200 Borla system? I still want the quad tips though... and kinda quiet at idle... but i want people to turn when i get on it.
I like the quietness of our Seville -- "silent but violent" I say. One time, my wife was driving the Seville and I was in the Nissan truck. I downshifted into 4th to "try to race" and she smiled at me and floorboarded it and was just GONE! All I heard was a "wissssssshhh" and she must have been 5 car lengths ahead of me in about 2 seconds.

I like it when I can pick off rice boys with their loud mufflers in a car that they can't even hear and likely ride around in with their grandparents.

But that's just me... :thumbsup:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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