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DTS wheel comparability

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Will 16" rims from a 2000 STS fit a 2006 DTS fitted with 17" rims work? Will they clear the caliper? What about the inflation senser? How does that work? The STS wheels have new 235/60/R16 and have a 5x115 bolt pattern.
My car has 235/55/R17 tires with the same bolt pattern. The STS wheels and tires drop the car a 1/4" and that is acceptable. Thank you.
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The 16" wheels may fit but the car and engine and controls are calibrated for the outside diameter of the 17" 235/55/17 tire, so you would need to find a 16" tire with the same OD as the 17".

Your original tire size and speed rating are on the driver's door sticker. Maybe, just maybe, the 16" tire will spec within 0.25" of OD for the 17'.

Specs in

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