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DTS vs V6 Tiburon

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So I'm fooling around with this guy in a Tiburon. I always hear about how fast these things are so I figured I was going to have a challenge.

I kind of messed up the launch because I was looking at him to feel him out when the light turned green. He launched, I followed. He got about a half a car on me, we ran that way until he shifted into 3rd. That was it, I blew by him.

Down the road a bit he pulled into a store so I followed him. Pull;ed up next to him and rolled down the window. He came over and said "Holly Sh*t, what the hell is in that thing." I simply replied, "Welcome to Cadillac power son". He asked me what engine was in the car and told me his dad has a 300 Hemi. He seemed to think the DTS was faster than the 300 but I don't know about that. The last thing he said was 'Man that thing is fast'.
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Neat. Personally, I have never been impressed by Hyundai anything, regardless of what everyone else thinks of them.

Good kill!
Nice kill! They have 3 different versions of the V6 model. You can get it in a automatic or 5 or 6 speed manuals (depending on which package you get). But I test drove one and the car was overall a pretty nice ride but it lacked power and that was when I got my Spec V instead. As for the whole Hemi thing.......that would whoop on a DTS by a decent amount
Thanks. Yeah I would expect the Hemi to beat me pretty good. Maybe some day we'll have that opportunity. :thumbsup:
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