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DTS OEM radio in a 95 Fleetwood???

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Can a Dts OEM radio be installed in a 95 Fleetwood??? I was going to install a 98 Deville oem radio in the Fleetwood when I thought about going for the gusto and installing a DTS factory radio in it. Has anyone ever tried this or should I keep dreaming???


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If your question is are there options - the answer is yes and they are relatively easy. If your question is there a non-fleetwood (read: non-B/D-Body) radio that will be relatively easy - the answer is no. First, you are in the fortunate position that your radio is NOT connected to the a data-bus or as Kevin said the BCM/PCM of the car. I would go after-market as there are a good number of Double-Din sized units (that's the size of the unit for 93-96 Fleetwoods) out there starting from a low of $250. You could doa google search or hit Amazon, Crutchfield, Sonicelectrix, etc. If you need more info - you can search the forum here where there are alot of answers.
Good luck - please post pics of the whole process.
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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