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DTS/DTS limo interchange

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OK I have a 2008 DTS and need a few parts changed. I came across an engine sub frame to a dts limo version with control arms and sway bar already attached. I have called the dealer for help to see if it would fit,and of course got no help!! I've googled everything, with no result. So PLEASE !!!Any forum members know if a front sub frame from a DTS limo will fit on a regular DTS.??? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,
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Not sure , but I do know that the limo's/ hearses have heavy duty brakes with six or eight lugs and other heavy duty upgrades. I would think the front clip would match up. will everything fit??? unknown. Might be different. I would start checking part numbers on axles and other main parts to see if there are any (show stopper ) part incompatibilities.
Do not waste you money it will ride very hard


Yhat sudframe is fir car that may weight an additional 500 tona 1000 pounds
My idea was the opposite,I figured more heavy duty,the smoother or sturdier the ride..of course none of the part #’s match or any where to see if they would interchange. The dealers here in Houston, won't put nothing other than gm AC Delco parts that match to your specific vehicle.but then again the dealer is also supposed to use BRAND NEW OEM parts and I just spent $5k recently and had Sewell Cadillac put a remanufactured rack and pinion on!!! While stating that its new. It has a remanufactured stamp on the unit.. Auto part Automotive exterior
Auto part Suspension
I've attached pics the new sub frame is for limo,the used is for regular DTS
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That's on ebay do you need a sudframe it is cheap to change the control arm and the bushings .
Lower control arms are different, notice that there are no ball joints in the Limo version. Limo's have 8 bolt wheels and heavier steering knuckles. I would assume that the ball joints are pressed into the knuckle on the Limo version. You will only gain a heavier sway which may not fit either.
I would give up on that idea.
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