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Dtc obd2 codes, a lot, help!!!

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WELL, i did the f1+f6 thing and it threw like 20 codes....

I dont know how to define them because none of the vin digits match exactly once it gets to digit 4... what should i do?

can someone help define all these codes??? do the codes mean the car is F'd??

i used this site..

Here's my VIN.. please help me!!! Everything matches for the first few fields... but they wont match


B1327H –
U1713H –
U1714h –
B3832h –
U1000H –

B1372H –
B1382H –

U1000H –

B1004H –
B1327H –
U1000C –
U1064H –
U1164H –

B1826H –
B2365H –
B2366H –
B2375H –
B2376H –

B2470H –

B1327H –
U1713H –
U1714H –
B3832H –
U1000H –

U1192H –
P1629H -

thank you!!

PS - do the codes mean they are a current problem.. or does it mean that it may have just happened once or twice?
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BTW, the car is an 03 and has a little bit of a rough idle.. i initially blamed it on the fact that it has a manual tranny and i can feel it through the shiftknob...

then i read a thread about alot of 03 CTS having a little rougher than normal idle...

The car has 44k miles on it.. should i seafoam it?
dude calm with a H by it, means it is in the History...everything with a C at the end of it means do not have any problems with you car. also for the little rough idle, this is normal for the 03 CTS, and as far as using SeaFoam that is up to you. I can notice the difference in my car when i use it and i love the difference it gives me
should i seafoam it?
you might want to head out to the desert if you are going to do it

And if you want to see what the codes mean:
thanks guy.... wow, i'm stupid.
not stupid, just uninformed, there is a difference. hang out here long enough and you will no longer be uninformed
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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