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dropping my '94 northstar, and.. the wiring?

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i'm prepping my engine for dropping it out, and i think i have everything under control - EXCEPT for the wiring! i'm disconnecting (and labelling of course) all the connections i can find. however, there's a big bunch of wires that seem to lead down under to the transaxle, and it's starting to get frustrating.

is there any way to make just a few simple disconnections, from both the dash in-car and the fuse boxes on the driver side wheel well?

what if i dropped the fuse boxes along with the engine? good idea? bad idea?

do i have to follow all these bundles of wiring to each individual harness and disconnect it all seperately?

any insight, advice, or other comments would be appreciated. thanks!
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You can leave the wiring harness connected to the engine for the most part while your dropping the cradle. Disconnect the wiring harness at the PCM (under dash/passenger side), Pull the bulkhead connector off of the firewall on the passenger side and have someone gently feed you the wires up through the firewall. Disconnect the connector and wire to ABS motor, disconnect the red wire to the fuse block on the drivers side, remove the fan wires from their holdowns on the rad support and the battery cables. I think thats most of what needs to be taken apart but just check the length of the harness before you start dropping the cradle.
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