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dropping my '94 northstar, and.. the wiring?

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i'm prepping my engine for dropping it out, and i think i have everything under control - EXCEPT for the wiring! i'm disconnecting (and labelling of course) all the connections i can find. however, there's a big bunch of wires that seem to lead down under to the transaxle, and it's starting to get frustrating.

is there any way to make just a few simple disconnections, from both the dash in-car and the fuse boxes on the driver side wheel well?

what if i dropped the fuse boxes along with the engine? good idea? bad idea?

do i have to follow all these bundles of wiring to each individual harness and disconnect it all seperately?

any insight, advice, or other comments would be appreciated. thanks!
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The harness that runs under the transaxle has four connectors and then the transmission hookups. They are pretty easy to find once you get under there. Now on the passenger side firewall there is a block that runs through and hooks up to the PCM, if you dissconnect the connectors on the PCM you can take the block out and pull a BUNCH of wires out. That is about all I know about the electricle connectors.
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