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Next question. Does anyone know how to shut the DRLs off. I hate DRLs and it looks so stupid (IMO) on my Platinum. Is it a Fuse or a Relay. On our g6 it is a fuse. And on on my blazer play toy it is a Relay i had to run a jumper between to make it work right. Please help, I hate having to turn the light switch to off postion when i get it. I am lazy and forgetful lol.
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racer--the fuses are under the hood--not sure what will happen if you pull them-

i thought i pulled one the other week when i did some work on my drl's and i had low engine power message. i may have pulled the wrong fuse also

good luck
On 08 EXT, pull two 15A fuses. #31 and #33. They are located under the hood. I have no issues.
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