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Past Saturday, spent ~$250 on ferry and gas costs to drive the Pacific Rim Highway (BC Highway 4) on Vancouver Island. It is a great driving road, one that I've done a few times prior with my various E90 M3s, but the Cadillac had not been so I needed to get out there in order to update my photos collection. Took ~50 pics, so they came out to be ~$5 a pop... so you gotta do what you gotta do, eh? :yup:

On the 7:45AM ferry:

Fiddled with the GoPro setup on the way:

Video 1, Highway 19 junction with Highway 4 to Cathedral Grove:

Stop 1, Cathedral Grove - MacMillan Provincial Park:

Video 2, Cathedral Grove to Port Alberni:

Stop 2, Port Alberni:

Stop 3, McLean Mill National Historic Site:

Video 3, Port Alberni to Kennedy Lake:

Video 4, Kennedy Lake Westbound; this clip shows the best section of the Pacific Rim Highway so I split it into its own video:

Stop 4, Ucluelet and the end of the road:

Video 5, Kennedy Lake Eastbound:

Video 6, climbing the Alberni Summit:

Video 7, from Alberni Summit through Cathedral Grove and alongside Cameron Lake:

Video 8, the rest of the misc. passes I did... downshifting not needed; Torque is a wonderful thing!

Finally, caught the 5:45PM ferry back.
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