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Driving lights stop working in middle of driving.

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Hello, I have XTS 2015 with 155,000 on it, a few weeks ago bulbs stop working so I replace them with new ones, and after few days the DRL stop working and few days after I started to have problem while I am driving in night all the lights stop working and I have to turn them off and on again and they start working...

please help
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Hi Alexander, unfortunately a few things could be a play. I haven't experienced this particular issue on the XTS, but had a 2008 DTS that had a similar headlight problems. Long story short, I found each headlamp had a high voltage ballast that misbehaved when either the alternator's voltage crept up a little high (say, past +15VDC) or if the battery had a surface charge on it. Additionally, pending on the bulbs you used, they may be drawing excessive current, enough to cause your ballasts to shut off altogether. I had a problem with a ballast (again, on the DTS) that had a leaky ground, causing the ballast to shut off altogether.
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