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Driving lights stop working in middle of driving.

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Hello, I have XTS 2015 with 155,000 on it, a few weeks ago bulbs stop working so I replace them with new ones, and after few days the DRL stop working and few days after I started to have problem while I am driving in night all the lights stop working and I have to turn them off and on again and they start working...

please help
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So What should I do ? =) if there are problems with the bulbs and they turn of why the DTS stop working before they started turn off ?
Based on John's information, i'd say get your battery tested. That's one lead to check out. I had a 2007 CTS that started doing really random, weird things. It would just completely "go dead"...shut off, lights, no NOTHING, completely dark car. Then it would restart and be completely fine for a few hours, or weeks. Sometimes the headlights would just shut off, or the stereo, or climate control settings would change at random. It was like a crazy car. Never saw anything like it. One day I just happened to have the voltage indicator option turned on in the DIC and I noticed that the voltage was fluctuating wildly - 12v to over 15v in just seconds, back and forth...then it would stop and just sit at 13.8v. I figured it was an alternator issue. But when I explained everything to the dealer they said "it's probably the battery". I couldn't understand how the battery could cause fluctuations like that, but it turned out that the battery had a bad cell. I put a new battery in and it fixed everything.

So check it out, it's a cheap and easy avenue to try.
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