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Driving lights stop working in middle of driving.

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Hello, I have XTS 2015 with 155,000 on it, a few weeks ago bulbs stop working so I replace them with new ones, and after few days the DRL stop working and few days after I started to have problem while I am driving in night all the lights stop working and I have to turn them off and on again and they start working...

please help
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You're not likely to have much luck troubleshooting an electrical issue with just your eyes and a keyboard. Unless you have: A wiring diagram, troubleshooting experience, and proper tools, your odds of determining the cause of an intermittent lighting fault are close to zero.

Troubleshooting the wiring harnesses from the lights to wherever they're powered/controlled off the main harness, looking for tie points or a connector common to both sides is how I'd approach it. If the symptoms changed after you replaced bulbs, that's something else to consider. There may be more than one fault.

The Body Control module controls the lights. I wouldn't start plugging and chugging parts unless I could prove they were bad first. You could have a short in a wiring harness and fry a new BCM. If your electrical troubleshooting expertise is limited to bulbs and fuses, this is probably more than you want to be diving into.

Being a major safety issue, you have little choice but to get it fixed sooner --rather than later by someone who knows what they're doing. Your local dealership is probably your best option, and certainly better than wasting your time remotely troubleshooting it over the web.

Two weeks of intermittent night-time lighting is two weeks too long. The ticket you're tempting the Fickle Finger of Fate to bestow upon you might be more expensive than the fix.
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