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Driveshaft carrier bearing

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I see plenty of parts showing up for a CTS but none specifically for a SRX. Are the driveshaft carrier bearings the same for both vehicles?
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Has anyone had this problem? I have heard that an AWD support bearing cannot be replaced on a SRX. Dealer quoted me $800 for new propeller shaft. Not buying that you can't replace the rubber only. Does the CTS part fit or not?
I've never seen anything official either way.
If one fits my guess would be the CTS-V version as its a V8. Let us know if / when you figure it out.

What are your symptoms?
I see daylight between where the rubber bushing has come apart :grinning:. It's shot. I'm shocked that there is no definitive answer to this question on this part. They all have to be bad on the older SRX's. I just don't wanna drop $100 on the CTS one and have it not fit. Is the CTS-V different?
Mine is the 3.6 AWD by the way
I'm quite it wouldn't fit from a CTS, because I know people who were looking for SRX version specifically. Anyhow, it's in another country and they only found local makes.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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