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Driver's window doesn't work

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When I purchased my used EXT the driver's window didn't operate. (I bought it on a cold night and didn't check it.) I finally got tired of not being able to do drive thru service at bank, pharmacist, and fast foods. So, this past week I took apart the entire door panel with help from YouTube. Rather worried but kept going. Was able to remove the operating mechanism okay and replacing the motor I bought. Tested good. Great. But wait, there is more! Now the door lock doesn't work. Oh me. I removed the door lock. Even though it appeared to be okay I bought a new one on line. I am awaiting it to be delivered. Meanwhile, my car is unsecured with no door lock and rain expected all week. I secured it with a strong bungee cord inside to keep weather out. Anyone else have/had problems with door window motors?
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