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driver's side front window

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the driver's side front window is not working on my 1997 deville.

one mechanic has told me that it could need a new regulator which only comes on a new motor and will cost about $600 installed. is he crazy?

there is power going to the door and all the other windows work. sometimes you can see slight movement when you play with the switch. you can't roll the window up and down by pushing on it.

what do you guys think?

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Yeah, I think he's crazy. Check out a junkyard, or try taking it apart yourself. Sometimes you get lucky and find an obstruction and the window and motor are fine.
I dont know how much regulators are, but Im pretty sure its a DIY job...... Probably nothing too complicated.....
I'm guessing he's trying to sell you the door lock module assembly. It IS the only way to get the regulator. It's expensive but comes with damn near everything in the door. If all you need is the motor, you can get it seperately.
Motor = #22143946
Sorry I couldn't give you better news. :(
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