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I recently picked up a 2004 CTS. Clean CARFAX. When purchasing it, I knew that the motor that adjusts the drivers seat base moving forward and backward was broken, but I'm more confused than ever regarding how to fix this.

Long story short, took it to my mechanic to get the seat adjusted temporarily, and went about my day. Then, when calling around looking for the part I've learned that there are two motors: One for a car with seat memory and one without. The motor for the memory seat is no longer in production, the one without seat memory is. My VIN corresponds to a car that has seat memory, and the button for this on the door is worn, so I'm assuming this is what I have, but my mechanic argues differently.

A few things:

1) Having seat memory really doesn't matter to me. Assuming this, could I get a non-seat memory motor, hook it up, and just operate like that, or no? If not, is there a specific reason why?

2) Any suggestions for acquiring a motor for the seat memory version?

3) Should I be concerned my mechanic-- who doesn't do specifically Caddys, but is more of a broad-stroke luxury mechanic-- thinks one thing when evidence and VIN argue otherwise? Like, not "This guy is an idiot," but maybe something like the seat had been replaced at some point?

4) Literally any information to help me make a well-reasoned decision would be helpful. I'm pretty frustrated that I'm further away from solving this issue than when I bought the car.

Thanks a bunch,

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