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Can someone with a Shop Manual check the pinouts for the Driver's Door Module? Specifically I'm trying to find out if the trunk release button is connected to the DDM, and if it is, I want to find out where it connects to on the DDM. I'm trying to figure out an easy way to get a trunk release on my SRX, and the CTS shares many parts with it. I want to check to see if the DDM's are the same by checking the pinouts on the module. The DDM is part of the window and mirror buttons which look the same on both the 2nd gen CTS and SRX so I'm assuming they might be the same. If they are the same, maybe the DDM on the SRX can also open the trunk, or worst case I can get a used DDM from a CTS.

Below is the pinout on the SRX DDM X2 connector, can someone check to see if the used pinout descriptions are the same and if so, which connector and pins are used for the trunk release?

Pin Description
1-2 Unused
3 Linear Interconnect Network Bus 1
4 Driver Door Key Switch Signal
5-6 Unused
7 Door Lock Actuator Lock Control
8 Driver doo Lock Actuator Unlock Control
9 Low Speed GMLAN Serial Data
10 Driver Door Courtesy Lamp Control High
11 Left Front Door Open Switch Signal
12 Unused
13 Left Front Door Ajar Switch Signal
14 Power Window Switch Left Rear Signal
15 Driver Door Courtesy Lamp Control Low
16 Power Window Driver Switch Voltage Reference

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